After a trip to Uganda in 2010 Morning Star Foundation could not walk away from the needs in front of us.  

It was made very clear to us that the need for children with heart disease was desperate.  

Morning Star Uganda works together with local grassroots organizations throughout Uganda to identify needy children, both orphaned and in families, with congenital heart disease who will die without treatment.

Additionally, we hold community medical clinics with teams of medical professionals from around the world. 

We are involved with several water projects providing wells to communities who are lacking water for daily life while working together with local grassroots organizations to provide on-going ministry in that community.

In the future we would like to see a unit for orphaned and abandoned children similar to our healing home in China.

As perhaps expected the Uganda project has grown quickly.  Children from Uganda travel to India for surgery.

We have signed a contract with Narayana hospital in Bangalore, India which provides surgery and medical  services for a flat, and very low rate.  We have been very impressed with the care at Narayana and are so thankful for this relationship!

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